Friday, 29 January 2010

Animals Sale extended!

Our entire range of Anamalz are overstocked, including the Aussie Anamalz Pouch (below)... With every three individual Anamalz purchased, you receive a free Animalz printed calico drawstring carry bag.

We also have felt elephants in three sizes, felt ponies and horses, Baby Basics dogs and lambs, and Itsy Bitsy cats and dogs in the Animals category of the Spiral Garden store.

And the best news is that the entire range is being offered at 10% off - offer ends 7 February 2010! Yes, every animal is marked down by 10% - starting at only $3.15!

This sale has been extended by a further week, it was to end 31 January and only included certain animals. Now the whole category is marked down, including the new felt horses and ponies.

Golden Beetle Books

Thought about buying one of the Golden Beetle Books titles we stock? Choose from 33 Sun Songs, A Steiner Homeschool, Choir of Colours, The Golden Path, A Children's Anthologia, Susan Whitehead's little Seasonal books and more...

Now's the time to grab your copies because in 2010 the RRP has risen, and so our prices will rise to $16 each on February 1st. Last days...

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Back to School?

It's almost back to school time for many. Our calico bags are popular as ready-to-decorate library bags. We offer some top quality school supplies in our Create category, at competitive prices. For example:

Lyra Ferby Pencils:
Graphite Pencils only $2.60 each
6 Waldorf Colours $16.00
6 Standard Colours $16.00
12 Standard Colours $32.00

Crayola Trio Sharpener only $7.50
Lyra Erasers $1.20 each
Lyra Sharpeners $3.20 each (suit Ferby pencils)
Large Main Lesson Books for $4.00 each or
Medium Main Lesson Books with onion skin for $3.90 each
Wooden Rulers only $2.00
Stockmar Block and Stick Crayons just $16.00 per tin...

As well as three types of paint, numerous paintbrushes, chalk, modeling materials, aprons, chalk and blackboard erasers, more crayons and pencils, wooden pencil boxes and felt pencil cases and more!
We love to use these quality art supplies that last year after year for our six children. They very rarely need replacing (apart from main lesson books and graphite pencils which are used a lot).

Spiral Garden has a lovely selection of Books, many suitable for Steiner educators and parents, as well as titles specifically for homeschoolers. We recommend: A Steiner Homeschool, Choir of Colours (Art - class 1 to 7) and other Golden Beetle Books. Otherways magazine and the book Life Learning are ideal for inspiration. And of course Seven Times the Sun - for all families, any time.

We always have lots of new products arriving and we look forward to offering you many delights this year, as our Spiral Garden grows.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Sales and Update

For anyone wanting a Moontime Diary - the last of the 2010 stock is on special for 20% off - only $24.00! While current stocks last.
All Animals are on sale again for the remainder of January - 10% off! For those who love the Anamalz range as much as we do, buy three and get a free calico carry pouch. The Aussie Anamalz set is included in this sale - a gorgeous gift! Also included are fair trade felt elephants (from $6.75 each) and the Itsy Bitsy cats and dogs (only $3.15 each). * Baby Basics lamb and dog not on sale this month.

The popular Rainbow Dyed Bandanas are back in stock, still only $5.00 each.

Keep an eye on the New Products page - plenty of items being added all the time. Some gorgeous felt horses, dragons and crowns coming soon from The Fairy Ring.

All of the school supplies will be fully stocked (only a couple of items are Sold Out) in around a week - blank main lesson books, Lyra graphite and coloured pencils, Lyra erasers and sharpeners, Stockmar crayons and paints and more.

Golden Beetle Books, such as A Steiner Homeschool, also on their way. Prices will be going up to $16 per book from February 1 for all Golden Beetle Books we stock.

All dolls, playcloths and other Rainbow Made products are in stock, with even more stock on its way this week. Orders are open for custom dolls.

Some new style baby wraps and other Earthslings products have been ordered, and will be available early this week.

Our WAHM (work-at-home Mum) suppliers have been very busy!

Don't forget for LETS members whose exchange is part of CES, we offer 50/50 LETS units/$ for orders.

Always looking for photos for this blog, so if you'd like to share, please email me your pics.

Thanks for your continued support. If you have any suggestions for Spiral Garden, don't hestiate to let me know!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A New Diary for a New Year

I've used a couple of moon diaries before, and this has to be the most comprehensive and user-friendly. It's A5 size, 162 pages. The pages are 7 days to an opening, with plenty of space for notes.

Live a healthy lifestyle
Grow abundant gardens
Housekeeping, renovating and building

It is all about timing your activities. Surely you have found that sometimes routine jobs turn out better than at other times? Or maybe you have noticed that the lawn at certain times grows back faster than at other times? We know that fishermen always go out with the tide instead of struggling against it.

Yes, there is method in the madness, which is where the moon comes in. All growing things are influenced by the ever changing moon.

The aim is to inspire you to create a healthy lifestyle in tune with the moon and other natural cycles. Everyday practical suggestions tell you how you can tune in to the moon’s cycles and the year’s seasons. These suggestions help you to make a difference that doesn’t cost the earth.

The Moontime Planning Diary 2010 combines the solar calendar with the moon phases and positions. Daily pointers make it easy for you to access and experience the influence the moon has on your health, garden and home care.

The Moontime Diary 2010 features all the diary essentials plus -
• Introduction on how to fine tune to the moon
• Helpful tables
• World map to convert time
• Daily moon and planetary aspects
• Aspect interpretations
• Moon void of course
• Monthly ephemeris
• Printed on 100% recycled paper

Created in Mullumbimby, Australia by Iris and Gisela.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Barefoot Magazine Hamper Winner

From the Barefoot Blog... "Thanks to everyone who subscribed before Christmas. We had a great response to our Christmas Hamper draw and our winner was Rosemary from Main Beach in QLD!
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year.
Take care, Anna"

Congratulations, Rosemary! And I hope everyone who purchased Barefoot subscriptions enjoys their year of quality reading.